"The world is full of hidden beauty and wonder. You can find it on a map in your imagination."

Lady Helen, Farland Valley


Welcome to The World of Farland Valley

Created by Niamh Ella Cox (age 8) and her Dad, Farland Valley is a secret world full of amazing creatures and interesting adventures for children to discover.

Our young heroes Emma and James, use their imagination to find a hidden path into Farland Valley.  As they journey through this new land, they discover many wondrous creatures, people and places.

The Farland Valley Adventures reading series is aimed at children from 6 to 8 years old and can also be fun to read to younger children.

The colouring book series are fun for children from 4 to 8 years old and maybe even the occasional young-at-heart adult.

We really enjoyed making these books as a family hobby and hope to entertain both children and adults.  As well as the joy of reading, Farland Valley encourages creativity for all ages.

Meet Emma and James

The Farland Valley Adventures


Farland Valley (Book 1)

Follow Emma and James as they discover the enchanting new world of Farland Valley. See them make new friends and meet amazing creatures, on their adventures in a world beyond your imagination.

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Farland Valley Beach (Book 2)

Follow Emma and James in the Forest of Wonder and Farland Valley Beach. Join them on their adventures as they help new friends and meet more amazing creatures beyond your imagination.

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Farland Valley Pirates (Book 3)

Join Emma and James as they meet the Farland Valley Pirates. Can they foil the plans of the infamous pirate captain Sir Getty Logonese? Can they return the secret book to its rightful owner?

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Farland Valley Colouring Book

Colour in Emma, James and the enchanting new world of Farland Valley. See new friends and amazing creatures come to life in the colours of your imagination.

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Farland Valley Beach Colouring Book

Colour in Farland Valley Beach and the Forest of Wonder. See more amazing creatures and places come to life in all the many colours of your imagination.

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Farland Valley Pirates Colouring Book

Colour in Emma and James and the Farland Valley Pirates. See the infamous pirate Sir Getty Logonese and his fantastic crew come to life in all the many colours of your imagination.

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Play the Game

( for iPhone and iPad )

Help Emma and James bring the Farland Valley Desert back to life, in the quickest time you can.

Use the magical water to make the grass, flowers, and trees grow again.

Avoid getting covered in the Frandy’s tickling sand.  Look out for other fun new creatures.

Solve 20 puzzling levels with Emma and James, and challenge your friends with guest play.

Meet the Main Characters



James is a young boy with a very curious nature.  In fact, he is curious about nearly everything.  He always wants to know how the whole world works, though sometimes he is too shy to ask.  Fortunately, he has a best friend who is not shy at all.


Emma is a young girl with a very questioning nature.  In fact, she loves to ask questions and listen to answers all day long.  Just like her best friend James, she wants to know how the world works.

The Miger

The Miger is a massive tiger found only in the secret land of Farland Valley.  Huge and very strong, the Miger likes to help the children whenever he can.  That is, when he’s not playing with the Mions.

The Mions

The Mions are mini lions living in Farland Valley.  Playful and very fast, the Mions like to have fun with the children.  They also tease and play with the Miger whenever they can.

Wear the Characters


Farland Valley T-Shirt

Ride with Emma and James on the Miger across Farland Valley.

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Farland Valley T-Shirt

Fly with Emma and James on the Blag over Farland Valley Beach.

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About the Authors


About the Authors

Farland Valley was dreamt up by Niamh and her Dad on their way to the shops, as they walked through the pathways in their village in England.

Niamh goes to school and loves to draw.  Her Dad makes video games and likes to write.  In their spare time they enjoy using their imagination to create new adventures in Farland Valley.